Synphonic Garden Restaurant

  • Symphonic Garden in Laamu Kadhdhoo is the departure restaurant in the region. A garden restaurant where busy passengers could come and enjoy a good meal, along with some thirst quenching drinks in a wholesome atmosphere, before catching the flight, or transfer back to their destination.

Snack Shop

  • You can buy softdrinks & snacks from the snack shop located outside the terminal next to the Airport office.

Kinbi Lounge

Kin'bi Lounge

We are delighted to offer our customers with our very own lounge with an alluring view of the largest sea poison tree forest (Kin’bi) in Laamu atoll. Our customers will also be able to click perfect pictures of touchdown and takeoff of aircrafts on the runway from the view of our Kin’bi Lounge.

Halaveli Inn

Halaveli Inn

We have five blocks of two rooms each designed as guest rooms branded as “Halaveli Inn”. Halaveli Inn intends to provide a serene setting for our guests with affordable prices to enjoy the many splendors of the beautiful Laamu and Kadhdhoo Island.